About Us

We believe that through movement,
we can do more than just help people get fit.

We build confidence, competence and self-esteem,
positively impacting individuals’ everyday lives.

The Concern


We are sitting more and moving less!


The data around physical activity is alarming. We are sitting too much and moving too little. Digital dependency and a performance-driven culture now often replace the time given to physical activity and movement.

The impact?

Increasing concerns about the decline in children’s’ and adults’ wellbeing.

Our Mission


Support schools, communities and organisations in gaining a clear understanding of physical literacy, its importance and how to enhance it.


Create physical activity programmes that that develops an individual as ‘whole’. Nurturing their confidence, competence and enjoyment in being active.


Build a legacy of active communities that enjoy, value and engage in physical activity for personal wellbeing.

Our Values


Supporting individual’s to gain a deep sense of joy and personal gratification from being active.


Building an individual’s self-esteem and self-assurance. Providing the confidence to take on new challenges.


Providing individuals the enthusiasm and self-motivation to adopt physical activity as part of their daily lifestyle.

These elements lead to an individual having an increase in competence, knowledge, and understanding and overall improved wellbeing.

What is Physical Literacy?


Physical Literacy is about valuing and enjoying being active for life. It recognises for this to happen that it is much more the just learning of physical skills. Its about having positive meaningful physical activity experiences that nurture an individuals self confidence, motivation personal wellbeing and knowledge and understanding in a wide variety of environments.

Movement&Me Physical Literacy Approach


Movement&Me was founded by Paul Dodd. His mission is to get more people more active more often. As a curriculum leader, teacher and coach, Paul has more than 20 years experience in the field of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport. He is renowned for his infectious enthusiasm and embedding the joy of movement.


Recognising the dramatic rise in physical inactivity and the negative effect it has on individual’s well-being and development, he began working to promote The International Physical Literacy Association principles.


Paul says “Movement is essential for our bodies, it’s how we learn. The more we move, value and enjoy it, the more we flourish as whole individuals “.