With an aim to increase physical activity levels in Abu Dhabi Education Council’s (ADEC) school system, a Ju Jitsu programme was introduced as a key imitative to achieve the goal. Andrew, Head of Facility and Venue Operations for Movement&Me and director of Sports4All,  took on the task of ensuring that the programme was a success. He audited all of 133 training centres, reviewing quality and standards of physical education and ensuring key performance indicators were being met.

The outcome of his work lead to a 33% increase in levels of physical activity with the number of students engaging in physical activity rising from 34,524  to 44,754 which was a fantastic success.

Andrew says:  The task wasn’t easy, it required being constantly aware of what things needed implementing and adapting to ensure the highest of standards were met, and we achieved the goal”

The strategic partnership Andrew and Sports4All have with Movement&Me enables us to guarantee the quality of sports and activity programs is of the highest of standards combining Movemement&Me’s skills and expertise in providing CPD, Performance Management and Sports4All Quality & Standards services.