Our Programmes

All of our programmes are built upon our Physical Literacy values of creating happy, healthy, active individuals and communities that value, participate and enjoy the benefits of being physically active.

Active Play

These multi-activity sessions provide children with the opportunity to learn through personal challenges, allowing them to with confidence and competence in a range of physical activities – and enjoy it!

  • Motor Development – improving spatial awareness and hand-eye-co-ordination, core stability, balance, agility, and locomotor skills.
  • Social Development – developing social interaction, leadership skills, teamwork, and enjoyment.
  • Self Development – building resilience, self-confidence, creativity, self-esteem, and problem-solving.
  • Cognitive Development – Improving thinking and learning, memory, attention, and focus.

Active Families

Our active families programme provides the opportunity for families and communities to participate in physical activity together. The sessions are built around simple fun games that are suitable for all.

  • Developing family social bonds.
  • Building active communities
  • Improving wellbeing

Learn to Swim

Our Learn to Swim programme develops swimmers who thrive and enjoy being in the water. Our fully certified Swim England Teachers teach with infectious enthusiasm to all ages, from beginners to advanced.