EveryGirlCan inspires girls across the UAE to develop their enthusiasm for physical movement, as a tool to build their self esteem and personal wellbeing.


We live in an era which often portrays a fake and unrealistic idea of what it is to be a girl. This continuous bombardement shatters girl’s confidence and self esteem, creating confusion of what it is to live a healthy, active, nutritious lifestyle. As a result, girls and young women are underestimating their capabilities and losing sight of their brilliance. Every Girl Can supports girls across the UAE to build self confidence and instill healthy habits through¬†movement, inspiring them to stand proud of their true authentic self.


We hold events and activities for girls across the UAE building their self confidence through movement and physical activity. Why? Because EveryGirlCan!

The first #EveryGirlCan summer camp at Dubai Sports Worldwas absolutely amazing. Be sure to keep a lookout for our next one!


We are part of Dubai Fitness Challenge. Check out the EveryGirlCan link below http://everygirlcan.ae/workshops/ 

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