We are made to move.

We believe that through movement, we can do more than just help people get fit – we build confidence, competence and self-esteem, positively impacting our everyday lives.


There is health and happiness in movement.


The data around physical activity is alarming. We are sitting too much and moving too little which is preventing us reaching our full potential.

With that in mind –  We are passionate and committed to getting more people, more active, more often – and we do this by fostering a love for being active.

What we do

We deliver physical activity programmes and training to educate and support in creating active communities, work spaces and schools, building a legacy in our path.

Our Physical Literacy approach encompasses the holistic benefits that Movement, Play and Physical Activity bring to us all. This in turn directly improves an individual’s:

  • motor development
  • thinking and learning
  • emotional regulation and self-control
  • problem-solving ability
  • stress and anxiety management
  • self-esteem and self-worth
  • attention and focus

It’s simple, movement is essential to our very being it is how we learn, the more we move, value and enjoy it, the more we flourish as whole individuals.

Movement&Me Physical Literacy Approach


Providing children and adults the enthusiasm for and enjoyment of, adopting physical activity as part of their daily lifestyle.


Building individuals self-esteem and self-assurance providing them with the confidence to take on new challenges.


Developing movement skills and patterns, enabling individuals to participate in a wide range of physical activities in a range of environments and settings.


Providing individuals with the opportunity to explore movement, understand the benefits of being physically active, and appreciate participating in a variety of settings and physical environments.


Developing an individual’s cognitive function and social and emotional wellbeing to build a strong understanding of themselves and others, whilst developing creativity, problem-solving and decision making.

Where it all started

Movement&Me was founded by Paul Dodd. His mission is to get more people more active more often. As a curriculum leader, teacher and coach, Paul has more than 20 years experience in the field of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport. He is renowned for his infectious enthusiasm and embedding the joy of movement.


Recognising the dramatic rise in physical inactivity and the negative effect it has on individual’s well-being and development, he began working to promote The International Physical Literacy Association principles.


Paul says “Movement is essential for our bodies, it’s how we learn. The more we move, value and enjoy it, the more we flourish as whole individuals “.