Case Study: Liz Taplin Coaching

Movement & Me has joined forces with Liz Taplin Coaching in order to offer a specialised service for anyone requiring individual support relating to personal and professional development. This has included supporting the lonely voice trying to build a more active culture within a corporate setting; guiding physical activity professionals trying to build their careers; and empowering individuals who lack the confidence to join a group programme.

Joe, one of our clients, is a primary school teacher who had an increasingly strong feeling that his future lay outside the classroom. He wanted to move out of his comfort zone and to discover what he was here to do. Liz dared Joe to dream and he revealed he was keen set up his own business one day and to take a shot at becoming an Olympian! Joe consequently began putting his business ideas down on paper and attended an Olympic ‘try out’ day. The coaching process also had an unexpected impact in that he fell back in love with his teaching role. He realised that he could make a positive contribution to school life and he became excited about making that feeling his future. Not bad for the first few sessions of working together…

Joe writes: Since starting sessions with Liz, I have become increasingly confident about my decision making. Liz has helped me identify what I want to achieve in my life and how I might plan to get there. I have a good idea of where my life is heading now, but I also appreciate that my goals might change with time. Working with Liz has meant that I am prepared for this. I look at life slightly differently now.

By using a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and teaching Liz creates the space where insight and realisation happens – those wonderful light-bulb moments that allow clarity of thought, moments of pure genius and a sense of real purpose.